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  • 06/2015 - Chaogic has merged with Rocksolid. The resulting business will have a major focus on the petroleum industry in Houston, the State of Texas, and the Gulf Coast at large.

  • 07/2012 - An R&D monitoring and workflow system developed and deployed for National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a leading worldwide upstream oil & gas provider. The system is intended to streamline R&D procedures, gather performance data, and present operational metrics at NOV's cutting-edge R&D labs, with an HTML5/AJAX front-end designed for full desktop, tablet, and smartphone interoperability in real-time.

  • 09/2010 - Prize Petroleum LLC, an oil & gas company based in the gulf coast, contracts Chaogic as their IT service provider. Key support covers seismic data processing, field production data management, O&G accounting, general IT infrastructure creation and maintenance, and network security.

  • 12/2009 - Service and support agreement signed with KMS Technologies, a Houston-based energy exploration company with complex and demanding supercomputing and clustering needs.

  • 12/2008 - Chaogic joins the TORRE project, a remotely operated observatory currently under construction. The project is funded by NSF, and sponsored by UT, Rice, and HCC. Over the next 3 years, Chaogic will be responsible for the challenging software engineering & IT work that will make the state-of-the-art astronomy lab accessible to scientists, educators, students, and enthusiasts in Texas as well as the world at large.

  • 07/2007 - A 96+4 processing-core dual Opteron Beowulf cluster is built and delivered to the department of imaging physics at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The cluster has an HPL (High Performance Linpack) benchmark performance of 316.9 Gflops.

  • 09/2005 - A web-based oil field data management system is developed for Redman Energy, Inc., a Houston-based oil / gas drilling and production company. The system is built on the OSS LAMP platform, with emphasis on wireless PDA compatibility for real-time data management.

  • 02/2005 - A superconducting wire Ic measurement system is built and delivered to Metal Oxide Technologies, Inc. The system has a maximum current output of 250 Amps and transient voltage measurement accuracy of ~50 Nanovolts.

  • 09/2004 - A 16+2 processor dual Opteron Beowulf cluster is built and delivered to the physics department at Rice University. The cluster has a Linpack benchmark performance of 21.04 Gflops.

  • 03/2004 - Contract signed with HCCS (Houston Community College System). Over the next 3 years, Chaogic will be responsible for the development of critical IT infrastructure and provide technical support for the TitleV Program, a $3.5M federal grant from the Department of Education.

  • 10/2002 - vHost 3.00 is finally here. This release is a complete rewrite of the previous version with numerous feature enhancements such as complete modularization, comprehensive quota control, clustering, and BSD support.

  • 08/2002 - A 64+2 processor dual Athlon Beowulf cluster is built and delivered to the physics department at University of Houston. The cluster has a Linpack benchmark performance of 51.96 Gflops.

  • 04/2002 - Contract signed with Metal Oxide Technologies, Inc. to develop a mission critical instrumentation and automation system for the company's high-temperature superconducting wire manufacturing facility.

  • 05/2001 - The much anticipated vHost 2.00 is here. This major release includes a convenient web GUI designed for both system administrators and domain owners. Live demo and online discussion forum are also available.

  • 03/2001 - The theoretical physics group at Texas Center for Superconductivity at University of Houston chooses Chaogic systems as their long term technical support provider, addressing their complex and demanding computing and networking needs.

  • 01/2001 - vHost 1.10 released. A one-step solution for various virtual hosting needs on Linux platform. A must-have tool for ISP's and system administrators who need to handle virtual hosts and virtual domains at any level.

  • 08/2000 - Strategic Alliance signed with Raynet Inc., a local electronic hardware company w/ estimated $40M assets. The alliance will play an important role in the local IT software and hardware industry while actively seeking nationwide and global influence.

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