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Beowulf clusters are the cost-effective approach to supercomputing. By fully utilizing the capacity of "commodity off the shelf" hardware and the performance of open source software, Beowulf clusters offer massive parallel-computing power that rivals traditional supercomputers at a fraction of the cost.

At Chaogic Systems, we custom design and manufacture Beowulf clusters according to specific application needs. Whether it's scientific, engineering, or financial, we carefully analyze the nature of intended applications, and optimize critical system hardware/software configurations to deliver supercomputing solutions that minimize computational bottlenecks and maximize application peak performance.

One of our first clusters was a 64 processor dual Athlon cluster built for a University of Houstonphysics research group headed by professor Kevin Bassler.

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"The computer is the instrument." Created by National Instruments, LabVIEW is an integrated development environment and graphical programming language that has become the de facto industry standard for instrumentation, control/automation, and data acquisition/analysis. With built-in driver libraries for a wide range of I/O communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, IEEE488, VXI, LabVIEW provides effortless interfacing and connectivity with any standard-compliant instruments. Its graphical programming language uses intuitive block diagrams as the basic elements of a software program, which is ideal for rapid prototyping and development of scientific and engineering applications.

With diverse backgrounds ranging from computer science to electrical engineering to solid state physics, our experienced engineering team provide LabVIEW-based instrumentation solutions that will meet any specific project requirements. From interface selection, to custom hardware design, to software development, we ensure tight integration and quality control of every aspect of a project and its successful and timely completion.

When Metal Oxide Technologies, Inc. (MetOx) needed to develop a mission critical process control system, they chose to contract the project to Chaogic Systems.

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Since the advent of the World Wide Web more than a decade ago, websites have now become as essential to business operations as fax numbers and mailing addresses. For many businesses, especially small to medium sized companies, websites have often become the most important marketing channel that instantly reaches potential customers both local and remote. However, with everyone having a website nowadays, the challenge that faces many businesses is no longer a mere web presence, but a compelling web presence that stands out among competitors and generates lasting impressions on customers.

At Chaogic Systems, high-end, high-impact web production is our specialty. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies on both front-end/client-side and back-end/server-side, and seamlessly combining high-end web production techniques such as animation, multimedia, dynamic content rendering, database integration, we create high-impact websites that are visually stunning, content rich, effortless to navigate, and easy to maintain and update.

One of our latest clients is Aquarium Environments, Inc., a leading aquarium system designer and service provider based in Houston, Texas.

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