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CuteCursor : Business Plan

CuteCursor Business Plan
Concept and Overview:

CuteCursor is a software package expected to have mainstream impact on both PC users/online consumers and web developers/online merchants. On the consumer side, CuteCursor offers unique functionalities and aesthetic features that attract a broad variety of Windows users. On the merchant side, an e-commerce website utilizing the full power of CuteCursor's browser extensions and visual effects is proven to be able to double or triple the ad-banner click-through rate. Furthermore, CuteCursor also functions as a CSP (Content Service Provider) vehicle, which transmits commercial relevant user profile information on demand by and directly back to the merchant's web server. When carefully analyzed and fully exploited on the server side, the information provided by CuteCursor will deliver targeted dynamic contents to the consumer and therefore competitive edge to the merchant.

A stable demo/alpha version of CuteCursor can be downloaded here. The official release is under active development but the pace is largely determined by the limited resources from Chaogic Systems. When properly funded, a full-blown, industrial-strength package is only months away. The final product will be freely downloadable for users/consumers, and licensed to developers/merchants.

A most relevant competitor of CuteCursor is CometCursor. One version of CometCursor's success story can be found at: http://www.cometsystems.com. CuteCursor is superior to CometCursor in both technology and complexity.

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