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Your download should start in a few seconds. Otherwise please click here.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer users:  simply select "Run this program from its current location"
  • Estimated download time:  5min @ 56kbps
To-do list after the download:
    1. Click Start Menu and select Find -> Files or Folders...
    2. Type "CuteCursor.exe" and click Find Now.
    3. Double-click CuteCursor.exe when it shows up in the window.
    4. If there is more than one CuteCursor.exe, use the one with the latest Modified date/time.
    *. While CuteCursor is running, click the heart icon in system tray (bottom right corner) for menu options. For more info, you may want to check out the built-in help file.
We'd love to hear your feedback! Please take a moment and drop us a few lines. Note: You don't need to provide your name and email address unless you have questions which need to be answered by our support team.
CuteCursor : Download

Thank you for your interest in CuteCursor! Please come back soon for the next release.

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